Energy Consultants

CR continues a rich history of assisting in the development of new gasification system technologies and of aiding in improved design of current gasification plants.

The United States has vast resources of oil in the form of Oil-shale and CR has provided expertise for multiple shale oil projects. CR has received grants from the Department of Energy to optimize specific oil extraction designs.

Expertise using Comprehensive Combustion Computational Fluid Dynamics computer modeling is a major resource CR can apply to consulting projects.

CR conducts flare technical work and provides consulting services. In cooperation with SAS, CR provides documents on flare criteria and control.

Fuels & Waste Material Usage

CR has experience utilizing varied forms of fuel and waste. Projects have included developing a proprietary fuel made from alternative sources for a Fortune 500 company and research on densification of biomass.

CR has developed and is working to commercialize a new process to manufacture coke from waste materials.

CR uses its analytical lab to determine chemical structure in solid fuels, to verify aging in nutritional supplements and beauty products, and to help determine unknowns in industrial problems and forensic analyses.


CR provides technical services for investigations into accidental fires, explosions, and other incidents. We pride ourselves on honest evaluations of incidents. Along with the technical services, CR has experience giving testimony in depositions and trials.

A small sample of CR experience:  
    Patent infringement
    Power plant explosion
    Gasoline container fires
    Home heating boiler fires
    Brick kiln explosion
    Residential house fires
    Commercial fires